Kyoto City Bus & Subway Guide

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While there’s still over a month till we go back to Kyoto for the sakura season, I’d like to share this with you.

If you are new to Kyoto, you might find this useful.  The Kyoto City has launched a Kyoto City Bus and Subway Guide.  You may access this information via your smart phone.  You may find tips on how to take the bus/subway, fare and ways to pay, free wifi, bus and subway time table, and how to search for nearby bus stop and subway stations.

Even though The Kyoto Bus and Subway network are considered simple when compared to those in Tokyo, you might still find this information handy.



Door to door shuttle service between Kyoto and Kansai Airport (KIX)


There are many ways to access the Kansai Airport (KIX).  As much as we love the convenience of the JR network, it was quite a hassle to drag the luggage around the crowded JR station.  Even if you manage to get to Kyoto Station via JR, you would probably need to take a taxi to your final destination.  Taking a taxi in Kyoto is a disaster.  Taxi is small and its almost impossible to fit 2 luggages and 2 passengers.  Kyoto taxi drivers are not familiar with places and they refuse to use the GPS (At first I thought it was our bad luck but even the locals say so too).

After learning our lessons the hard way, we tried the door to door shuttle and were completely satisfied with their service.  You can choose from MK Taxi or Yasaka Taxi.  We tried the Yasaka Taxi on our last trip.  We booked the shuttle online and you get a discount if you book rountrip service.  They have an English website and they accept credit card payment.  It’s a shared shuttle service and they take up to 8 passengers at one time. I love the hassle free experience 🙂


Japan Trusted Traveler Program


Great news for frequent travelers to Japan!  If you travel to Japan for more than 2 times a year, please read on.  From November 1, Foreign nationals, who are registered users enrolled in the Trusted Traveler Program, do not have to wait to undergo a face-to-face immigration examination at the immigration booth from an immigration inspector and will be able to quickly conclude the immigration examination procedures using the automated gates by using their registered user card.  The automated gates are available at Narita Airport (T1 & 2), Haneda Airport, Chubu Airport and Kansai Airport.

To find out if you are eligible, check out the requirements page.  It gives you detailed instructions on how to register.  If you are enrolled in Global Entry Program, you may skip a few supporting documents.   You will need to upload a current photo, passport and the Global entry card to apply.

This program is so popular!  I registered on November 2 and are already number 900 on the list!  I doubt if I can take advantage of this program on our coming trip next week!