Welcome to my blog. My name is Jenn.  My husband Day and I are Hong Kongers turned American.  Our love for Japan started young.  Our first trip was to Tokyo.  Our honeymoon in Hakone.  And after our visit to Kyoto in April 2015, we have decided to retire in Japan, Kyoto to be exact.  Why are we so fascinated about this place?  I hope our photos will give you some clue.

我們是住在LA 的香港人。自小愛上日本文化。但每每旅行也只會去東京。自從去年去了京都便熱烈愛上。愛上京都的新舊互融。愛上京都慢活的優雅細緻。愛上京町屋的秀麗脫俗。我們正努力學日文,每年春天和秋天也會到京都。希望退休後能在京都生活。