Free luggage storage service in Kyoto Station (with JCB card)


One of the cons of staying at Airbnb is that, after checking out (usually around 10a or 11a), you need to figure out a place to store the luggage before you head to the airport.  What we used to do were finding lockers at Kyoto Station.  The small size lockers are 300 yen while the large one that fits a check-in luggage is 700 yen.  Most of the time the lockers are taken.  You may also goto level B1.  There are baggage rooms that takes any size luggage for 500 yen each.


Baggage room in B1.

Recently we found a free luggage storage service in Kyoto Station.  If you have a JCB credit card, you may goto the JCB Plaza.  It is located on the ground floor inside the Kyoto Theater.


Kyoto Theater 京都劇場.  JCB Plaza located inside to the right.

Hours are 10a – 6p.  Besides free same day luggage storage service (up to 3 luggages per card), you get free drinks and free wifi.  They can also help you book hotels/restaurants/tours.  We just applied for the Mitsuwa JCB card.  Hopefully we get the card before my next trip, so we can save couple thousand yen on luggage storage.

There are no overnight luggage storage service at Kyoto Station.  Be sure to check the closing time of each facility!





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